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Amarok 2 and WP-2.7 Released

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等了好久的 Amarok2 终于发布了。

Ubuntu 用户可以参考 Kubuntu 网站上的 Installation Instructions:

1. Follow the Kubuntu Repository Guide to enable Recommended Updates (backports) and add the following to your 'Third-Party Software' tab:

deb intrepid main

2. You can now update an existing Amarok 2 installation to the most recent version using the Adept Updater tool in your system tray.

If you do not have an existing Amarok 2 install, please follow the Adept How to and install the package called "amarok-kde4".


1. 播放列表、收藏列表不能显示中文,全是???符号。

2. 启动 Amarok 后出现 HDA Intel does not work 的提示。这个问题已经解决:我的系统使用了 xine 而不是 gstreamer,故需要安装 phonon-backend-xine 这个包。

———————————— WP2.7 ————————————

WP-2.7 也发布了。