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CM7.1 on DEFY

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CyanogenMod, the community Android mod, is officially supporting Motorlora Defy in the latest release CM7.1. Now the system seems running well on my device.

Why I want CM7.1 on my machine:

  • try something new
  • I need openvpn
  • 2.3.4 ROM for ME525+ not working well on my device :-(

I followed most of the instructions from the post in CM forum, except that I didn't install gapps-gb-20110828. For some reason, Android Market from 20110828 package continously got crashed once I opened the application. I tried with gapps-gb-20110613 and Android Market worked as normal, so I recommend using this version of gapps if you ever encountered similar issue like me.

Well... Some extra jibber-jabbers about Android Market:

Region restriction sucks... It prevents me from buying Touchdown license from market...

I do hate some apps changing their names so frequently and deprecating the old version in market. I PAID for the old one, and I still need to pay for the new one!