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两个收购, N 个收购

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本来只看见 Sun 收购 MySQL 的新闻,在查相关资料的时候发现昨天甲骨文也把 BEA 终于给收购了。

关于公司之间的并购、收购,我了解的知识很少,以前总以为一个公司倒闭了才被另一个公司收购,后来发现雅虎中国被马云给买下了,Macromedia 被 Adobe 收购了,才知道原来活着的公司为了活得更好也可以选择被收购。

Sun 收购 MySQL 绝对是个大手笔,一个是在开源道路上走得越来越有劲的著名公司,一个是开源的著名数据库软件,应该是 Sun 为了拓展其数据库的市场才这么做的吧,看 IBM 有 DB2,Orcale 更不用说,而 MySQL 的地位绝不逊于那几个商用数据库,Sun 收购了它以后在数据库市场肯定有极其重要的一席。

而说到 Oracle 又发现它也收购了,收购的是 BEA,那个去年因为说股票估值太低而拒绝他的 BEA。不管怎么说,甲骨文是终于收购了 BEA 了,网上有的人说这次收购只是个噱头,两个公司的产品线严重重叠,收购 BEA 只是为了消灭对手。

这下我突然想到了 Adobe 收购 Macromedia 的事情,Adobe 收购了 Macromedia 后到现在出了 CS3 好久了,功能上似乎都没什么改进。然而 Macromedia 的产品和 Adobe 也有一些重叠,比如 Fireworks 和 PS,至少是和 ImageReady 有重叠。当时我还以为收购了 Macromedia 后 Fireworks 这个东西就没了呢……是不是 Adobe 也是为了消灭竞争对手呢?呵呵,无责任揣测……

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Sun Microsystems Announces Agreement to Acquire MySQL, Developer of the World's Most Popular Open Source Database

Sun Growth Strategy Accelerates With New Position in $15 Billion Database Market

SANTA CLARA, CA January 16, 2008 Sun Microsystems, Inc. (NASDAQ: JAVA) today announced it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire MySQL AB, an open source icon and developer of one of the world's fastest growing open source databases for approximately $1 billion in total consideration. The acquisition accelerates Sun's position in enterprise IT to now include the $15 billion database market. Today's announcement reaffirms Sun's position as the leading provider of platforms for the Web economy and its role as the largest commercial open source contributor.

With millions of global deployments including Facebook, Google, Nokia, Baidu and China Mobile, MySQL will bring synergies to Sun that will change the landscape of the software industry by driving new adoption of MySQL's open source database in more traditional applications and enterprises. The integration with Sun will greatly extend the commercial appeal of MySQL's offerings and improve its value proposition with the addition of Sun's global services organization. MySQL will also gain new distribution through Sun's channels including its OEM relationships with Intel, IBM and Dell.

"Today's acquisition reaffirms Sun's position at the center of the global Web economy. Supporting our overall growth plan, acquiring MySQL amplifies our investments in the technologies demanded by those driving extreme growth and efficiency, from Internet media titans to the world's largest traditional enterprises," said Jonathan Schwartz, CEO and president, Sun Microsystems. "MySQL's employees and culture, along with its near ubiquity across the Web, make it an ideal fit with Sun's open approach to network innovation. And most importantly, this announcement boosts our investments into the communities at the heart of innovation on the Internet and of enterprises that rely on technology as a competitive weapon."

MySQL's open source database is widely deployed across all major operating systems, hardware vendors, geographies, industries and application types. The complementary product line-ups will extend MySQL's database reach and are expected to bring new markets for Sun's systems, virtualization, middleware and storage platforms.

"The combination of MySQL and Sun represents an enormous opportunity for users and organizations of all sizes seeking innovation, growth and choice," said Marten Mickos, CEO, MySQL. "Sun's culture and business model complements MySQL's own by sharing the same ideals that we have had since our foundation -- software freedom, online innovation and community and partner participation. We are tremendously excited to work with Sun and the millions of members of the MySQL open source ecosystem to continue to deliver the best database for powering the modern Web economy."

MySQL's open source database is the "M" in LAMP - the software platform comprised of Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP/Perl often viewed as the foundation of the Internet. Sun is committed to enhancing and optimizing the LAMP stack on GNU/Linux and Microsoft Windows along with OpenSolaris and MAC OS X. The database from MySQL, OpenSolaris and GlassFish, together with Sun's Java platform and NetBeans communities, will create a powerful Web application platform across a wide range of customers shifting their applications to the Web.

More than 100 million copies of MySQL's high-performance open source database software have been downloaded and distributed and an additional 50,000 copies are downloaded daily. This broad penetration coupled with MySQL's strength in Web 2.0, Software as a Service (SaaS), enterprise, telecom and the OEM embedded market make it an important fit for Sun. With MySQL, Sun will have the ability to deepen its existing customer relationships and create new opportunities with companies seeking the flexibility and ease-of-use of open source systems.

Following completion of the proposed transaction, MySQL will be integrated into Sun's Software, Sales and Service organizations and the company's CEO, Marten Mickos, will be joining Sun's senior executive leadership team. In the interim, a joint team with representatives from both companies will develop integration plans that build upon the technical, product and cultural synergies and the best business and product development practices of both companies. MySQL is headquartered in Cupertino, CA and Uppsala, Sweden and has 400 employees in 25 countries.

As part of the transaction, Sun will pay approximately $800 million in cash in exchange for all MySQL stock and assume approximately $200 million in options. The transaction is expected to close in late Q3 or early Q4 of Sun's fiscal 2008. Completion of the transaction is subject to regulatory approval and other customary closing conditions. The deal is expected to be accretive to FY10 operating income on a GAAP basis.

The management teams of both companies will host a media and analyst conference call today at 10:00 am EST, 7:00 am PST. The call can be accessed at For those unable to listen to the live conference call, a telephone replay will be available for one week following the call by dialing (888) 566-0103 or outside of the U.S. by dialing (402) 998-0958. No passcode is required to access the replay.

About MySQL

MySQL AB develops and supports a family of high-performance, affordable database products. The company's flagship offering is 'MySQL Enterprise', a comprehensive set of production-tested software, proactive monitoring tools, and premium support services. MySQL is the world's most popular open source database software. Many of the world's largest and fastest-growing organizations use MySQL to save time and money powering their high-volume Web sites, business-critical systems and packaged software -- including industry leaders such as Yahoo!, Alcatel-Lucent, Google, Nokia, YouTube and With headquarters in the United States and Sweden -- and operations around the world -- MySQL AB supports both open source values and corporate customers' needs. For more information about MySQL, please visit

About Sun Microsystems, Inc.

Sun Microsystems develops the technologies that power the global marketplace. Guided by a singular vision -- "The Network is the Computer" -- Sun drives network participation through shared innovation, community development and open source leadership. Sun can be found in more than 100 countries and on the Web at

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甲骨文宣布收购 BEA 系统公司

美 国加州红木城, 2008 年 1 月 16 日 — 甲骨文公司(纳斯达克交易代码: ORCL )和 BEA 系统公司(纳斯达克交易代码: BEAS )今天在美国联合宣布,两家公司已经签订了一份最终协议,根据这份协议,甲骨文公司将以每股 19.375 美元的价格现金收购 BEA 公司所有的已发行股票,收购总价约为 85 亿美元,若扣除 BEA 手头 13 亿美元的现金,收购净价为 72 亿美元。甲骨文公司总裁兼首席财务官 Safra Catz 表示:“我们预计,这件交易在完成后第一年将对甲骨文非 GAAP 每股盈余至少贡献 1-2 美分。”

甲骨文公司首 席执行官 Larry Ellison 表示:“ BEA 的产品和技术将大大加强和丰富甲骨文的融合中间件软件产品。 Oracle 融合中间件拥有开放的“热插拔”架构,这为客户提供了一个选择,把 BEA 的 WebLogic Java 服务器软件和 Oracle 融合软件套件几乎所有的组件有机结合起来。这只是一个简单的例子,表明客户可以如何选择甲骨文和 BEA 的中间件产品,而这些产品之间可以实现完美的交互操作,并且我们还将继续对这些产品提供支持。”

BEA 系统公司主席兼首席执行官 庄思浩表示:“在过去几个月的时间里,我们公司的董事会在独立的金融和法律顾问的帮助下,仔细评估了实现股东价值最大化的多种途径,包括与第三方讨论出售 公司的可能性。达成这个交易,是我们深思熟虑的决定,而且我们相信,这符合我们股东的最大利益。我们创新的产品、才华横溢的员工、全球化的客户群体,都将 是促进联合企业长期成功的关键因素,对此我充满信心。我们期待与甲骨文密切合作,成功完成这个交易。”

甲 骨文公司总裁 Charles Phillips 表示:“在中间件领域, BEA 公司是一个先锋者。甲骨文与 BEA 的结合,充分认可了 BEA 的创新性以及其在开拓客户上所取得的巨大成功。三年多来,我们双方的客户一直在建议我们合并。这个交易将会大大促进对以 Java 为基础的中间件技术和服务导向架构( SOA )的应用,推动企业应用基础设施软件的创新,拓展我们与客户和合作伙伴的战略关系,并帮助我们在像中国这样的关键区域市场上进一步拓展业务。”

BEA 系统公司的董事会全体一致批准了这个交易。该交易预计将于 2008 年中期完成,目前还需要获得 BEA 股东的批准,以及要考虑相关监管机构的批准过程和其他惯例条款。

甲 骨文公司和 BEA 系统公司将在太平洋时间今天上午 6 点召开电话会议,讨论这次交易。投资者可以拨打电话 719-325-4780 ,听取这次电话会议的情况。在会议结束之后的 24 小时内,投资者还可以拨打电话 719-457-0820 收听,密码是 3644405 。关于这个电话会议的视频网络直播,可以登录网址 收看,并可以在会议结束之后的七天时间里点击收看。